Workers hate their bosses more now: Here’s why

Add one more item to the list of things the current economic slump is making harder for managers and businesses. A recent study suggests the economic downturn is straining many workers’ relationships with their bosses.

Almost half of workers surveyed said the troubled economy has affected their relationship with their supervisors. Of those people, nearly three-quarters said it’s had a negative impact on how they view the bosses.

The study, conducted by Monster on behalf of Spherion Staffing, also looked at why employees are losing respect for those they report to.

Perhaps most surprising: 45% of workers say a boss has taken credit for their work. Other common complaints found in the study:

  • Workers say their bosses don’t support career development, and the recession has only made it worse.
  • Employees say their supervisors don’t respect them as professional equals.
  • Workers claim they can’t discuss sensitive topics or workplace ethics issues with their managers.

While employees are clearly upset, most don’t want to be in their boss’s position, either. Only 34% of workers said they’d accept their boss’s job if it was offered to them.

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