Apple addresses concerns about supply chain

Apple has come under fire recently for poor working conditions in its supply chain, specifically in China, where employees are exposed to major safety hazards and have to work long hours without understanding their rights. The tech giant recently responded to those criticisms.

Do you know about the training that’s exempt from OT pay?

In most instances, employees who receive training outside of a normal workweek have to be given overtime pay for the training period. There is an exception, however, and it’s a big one if you hire workers whose first language isn’t English.

Congress takes aim at worker classification

On the heels of stepped-up Labor Dept. audits, Congress introduced a bill to punish employers that misclassify workers and, as a result, fail to pay legally mandated overtime.

Got employees who work OT? Watch out for this trap

Huddle with Payroll to make sure you don’t commit this almost-unknown federal pay violation.