How many pro-union buttons would you let them wear?

It’s not unusual to experience uncomfortable moments when there’s a campaign underway in your workplace to bring in union representation. Still, employers expect to have a certain degree of control over what happens under the company roof.

Manufacturers win delay in NLRB-required posting deadline

That spot you have cleared out for the National Labor Relations Board poster will remain blank for a bit longer, since the April 30 deadline to post a notice explaining workers’ collective bargaining rights has been pushed back.

Legal challenges mount to Obama pro-union picks for labor board

Controversy ensued after President Obama dodged the Senate confirmation process by filling the National Labor Relations Board with three recess appointments.

Labor board adopts new rules on ‘quickie’ union elections

As expected, the National Labor Relations Board approved a set of rules designed to speed up the union-election process and hinder employer efforts to fight that process.