Disabled job applicants were passed over: EEOC sues company

The feds recently sued an Illinois manufacturer for discriminating against disabled job applicants. The company required the people to take a test during the hiring process that got the firm in trouble. Here’s what happened: 

She did the job well — but was fired over fear of ‘bumping’ her prosthetic leg

A woman hired to inspect Sony Electronics products before they were shipped lost her job after two days because the staffing agency that placed her “did not want anyone bumping into her.” She said she was really fired because she has a prosthetic leg.

Often-untapped source for dedicated employees — under your nose

Everyone’s heard about the shortage of good personnel to fill manufacturing jobs — but there’s a potential solution right under our noses.

Failure to bend for worker’s sore neck costs company $80,000

When a truck driver who’d safely done his job for 2 1/2 years asked his employer to cut him a break because of his aching neck, the company refused — a decision that later cost it $80,000.