Study: 36% of customers could jump ship because of this

Imagine more than one-third of your customers walking out the door because you made a change to your product’s packaging that they didn’t like – or a competitor made one they did like. It’s a scary thought, but it could happen, according to a recent study.

Overhyping weight-loss products costs these companies $34 million

Ever chuckle to yourself after seeing a TV ad that makes some pretty dubious weight-loss claims? Well, the Feds aren’t laughing. 

One key area where customers think firms are dropping the ball

It looks like manufacturers and customers aren’t quite seeing eye-to-eye as far as the environment is concerned.

Domino’s apologizes on Facebook … because it did too good of a job?

Most manufacturers have a web guru or someone on the payroll to keep an eye on their web presence and social media sites.