Who won this court case? Worker sues employer after injury

In this court case, a worker was injured on the job when he was sprayed with hot glycerin.  He sued his employer, alleging that it modified safeguards that would have prevented his injury. 

Worker who ‘mooned’ boss fired: Why is company in court?

How would you handle this revealing scenario: A worker pulled down his pants on the job and exposed his backside to his supervisor. Would you (or the supervisor) fire him on the spot? One company didn’t — and it landed them in court with a wrongful termination suit. 

Who won this case? Company fires worker who threatened staff

In this court case, the company and a few of its employees sought restraining orders against a former employee who threatened violence on the job. She sued to have the orders tossed. 

Manufacturer hit with whistleblower suit after transferring worker

A judge recently ruled that a manufacturing company that transferred — and later terminated — a worker was retaliating against the employee for raising safety concerns.