Does going ‘green’ make workers happier?

Consumers are increasing their focus on companies’ sustainability efforts. But what do employees think about green work?

Recent research suggests employees may be happier when they’re doing green work, too.

Workers who believe in the work their companies are doing are happier, which may lead to increased job satisfaction and retention rates, according to a study from the Mendoza College of Business at Notre Dame University.

The study looked at dairy farmers and their efforts to go green. The industry has traditionally been reluctant to embrace sustainability practices, but researchers are finding workers who work for more sustainable operations are prouder of their work — and more productive.

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Obviously companies can’t make expensive green changes overnight. But to help workers feel better about their jobs, be sure to let them know what you are doing to help the environment or improve business practices.

Everything from a company recycling program to reduced energy use are good ways to show employees you’re making a difference.

Better yet, ask for their help. By giving workers the opportunity to contribute to sustainable practices, they’ll feel more connected to company efforts and take more pride in their work.

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  1. This is crap. While some places *MAY* have a few who are happier because they are proud of the work their company is doing, most people are ambivalent. In fact, in many cases, they are downright hostile to the idea. Take, for example, the common cubicle worker that can’t have a heater in their cube because they are not “green” enough (they have the gaul to actually use electricity). Meanwhile the office building drops the winter temperature to 65 to save during the winter months. You are cold, miserable, and not allowed to be comfortable because of the cold (heaven forbid you actually put on a coat and “make a statement”…) green initative. The summer is even worse where your office temp is as high as 76 degrees (well that is what it is set at, but the computers raise that a few degrees) and you must still come in to work with a suit…yeah, when looked at that way green is NOT good or productive.

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