Company refused to hire non-Hispanic workers, sued by EEOC

A Texas-based manufacturer recently landed in court because of illegal hiring practices. The feds allege the company discriminated against non-Hispanic job candidates and relied too heavily on word-of-mouth to hire entry-level workers.

EPA hits manufacturers with $1.2 million fine

EPA recently fined six companies more than $1M for violating the Clean Air Act. Where did the manufacturers go wrong?

Disabled job applicants were passed over: EEOC sues company

The feds recently sued an Illinois manufacturer for discriminating against disabled job applicants. The company required the people to take a test during the hiring process that got the firm in trouble. Here’s what happened: 

Deadly defect could affect 1 in 5 cars


Five people have died and dozens have been injured by air bags that can shoot out shards of metal. The air bag supplier says it’s still not sure what’s causing the deadly defect. But recent reports suggest otherwise.