Yikes! The 25 Most Embarrassing Product Recalls of All Time

Most Embarassing Product Recalls

Embarrassing for the company, but especially for you. Between brainstorming these seemingly great ideas and actually manufacturing them, something went seriously wrong. Our Methodology To make it on our most embarrassing list, these products had to create some troubling scenarios. Not all of them caused physical damage, but they certainly left emotional scars. Before we start, lets let all the […]

Cost-cutting leads to fatalities, $1B lawsuit

A recent $1 billion lawsuit claims a manufacturer modified its product to cut costs – which led to deadly results. Did the company put profits before safety? 

Success story turns sour: $3.75M court settlement

This manufacturer’s product was on top of the world a few years ago, but now it’s landed the company on the wrong side of a costly court settlement.

Government shutdown rages on: What does it mean for manufacturers?

Whether you call it a shutdown, a slimdown or even just a giant waste of everyone’s time, it doesn’t change the facts: The government’s operating on a skeleton crew right now. So what does that mean for manufacturers?