Deadly defect could affect 1 in 5 cars


Five people have died and dozens have been injured by air bags that can shoot out shards of metal. The air bag supplier says it’s still not sure what’s causing the deadly defect. But recent reports suggest otherwise. 

Woman cleared of manslaughter because of product defect

A woman has been cleared of involuntary manslaughter 10 years after a car crash that killed her fiancee. Turns out, the real reason for the crash was a defective ignition switch in the woman’s Saturn Ion.

Is manufacturer to blame for grounded Boeing airplanes?

A report reveals a battery defect caused all Boeing 787 airplanes to be grounded for three months. But the investigation shows the battery manufacturer isn’t the only one at fault.

Bean sprouts linked to salmonella in 10 states

Raw sprouts have been the culprit behind several food-borne illnesses, leaving suppliers to clean up the mess.