Company refused to hire non-Hispanic workers, sued by EEOC

A Texas-based manufacturer recently landed in court because of illegal hiring practices. The feds allege the company discriminated against non-Hispanic job candidates and relied too heavily on word-of-mouth to hire entry-level workers.

Disabled job applicants were passed over: EEOC sues company

The feds recently sued an Illinois manufacturer for discriminating against disabled job applicants. The company required the people to take a test during the hiring process that got the firm in trouble. Here’s what happened: 

The top 10 weird holiday gifts from co-workers

hippofm 2

What’s the most bizarre holiday gift you’ve ever received from a co-worker or employer? Workers across the country shared some pretty unusual ones in a recent CareerBuilder survey. 

43% of Millennials expect this from employers

What are your Millennial employees looking for? A recent study shows that the youngest generation is more likely than other generations to leave their job if their expectations aren’t met.