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CMMS Software 101

CMMS Software

Computer maintenance management systems (CMMS) helps companies to maximize the productivity and efficiency of business maintenance procedures. CMMS systems provide data that helps maintenance professionals better manage and organize their operations. Users employ the program as an asset management tool that helps compare costs of different operations, such as buying new machines, cleaning and repairing old machines, and finding qualified personnel to run machines. Perhaps most importantly, CMMS is used to develop strategies that will extend the lifespan of machines.

The more information companies have about their operations, the better prepared they will be to address everyday maintenance challenges. CMMS provides budget accountability, improves schedule management, creates and measures standards of performance, and vastly decreases the likelihood of unplanned system shutdowns. As a preventative maintenance mechanism, CMMS helps companies take care of their assets before it’s too late by providing intelligence on proper caretaking and usage. It tracks repairs and automatically schedules future maintenance. When breakdowns do happen, the software helps to analyze the event, identify its causes, and suggest possible solutions to avert future incidents.

Certain CMMS products are designed for industry-specific use. Many products are aimed at medical facilities while others are explicitly designed for food processing plants. Still more vendors are industry-agnostic and can be used across various sectors. CMMS can be deployed both on-premise and in the cloud (Software-as-a-Service).

There are a vast amount of CMMS solutions out there, and before committing to one, it’s important to be sure that you've found the perfect fit for your business. Investigating the industry through product reviews, industry news, and research of the latest analysis is crucial to make the best informed decision.

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